Homegrown Texan

Born and raised in Texas, I've found the home of my heart and soul in the Pacific Northwest. I love trees, cool weather, and rain. I'm a back to basics kind of gal just trying to raise my family and find a bit of time to slow down in this hectic life.

Ok, so I think I've proven to myself that anything having to do with the internet is a cyclic thing for me.  Ok, except for maybe World of Warcraft, to which I'm hopelessly addicted.  I rotate through different boards, or sometimes none at all.  But I have been thinking of my LJ friends as of late, and a kick in the pants from  prompted me to actually write.

So what's going on with me...my job is in a very, um, interesting state right now.  Our company is being bought, and it's a case of Russian roulette as to whether we can make a sale happen before we run out of money and therefore have nothing left to sell.  We have an incredible team of engineers with expertise on what I believe to be a highly sellable and minimally tapped market, but we don't have the size or the selling capability to do anything about it.  Which is where the buying company comes in. We're looking at one very prominent company in particular to buy us.  They have expressed interest and are going through all the legal mumbo jumbo to do it, but that all takes time, something we have little of, and until it's signed, there's always the chance they could back out. I'm told we would fold somewhere around the end of August with no extra funds.  And that's with everyone already running on a 20% pay cut.  I believe our president isn't taking a salary at all.  I just found out the other day that he (the president) is looking at funds  to give us more runway, and could give us the option of "assuming some of the risk" by opting to go without pay.  Sounds harsh, but the payoff is, if we *do* get sold, we would get our lost pay back 3 times, at our 100% salary rate.  So I could stand to make some decent money, but I could stand to rack up some decent debt, too.

Let's see...4 more weeks now, I think, until the kids start school.  Michael will be doing another year of kindergarten.  Part of the Waldorf philosophy (and I'm sure I'm totally butchering it here) is to allow kids to grow in *all* areas, not just academics.  Supposedly the early childhood is a time to lay foundations in terms of imagination, fantasy play, etc., and the teachers felt that Michael would do well to develop that for another year.  It's a pretty common thing to happen, actually.  I was worried that Michael would be upset since I didn't know any better and had told him he'd automatically go to 1st grade, and since some of his good friends are moving forward (some of whom have already repeated kindergarten, and some of whom, well, didn't really listen to the teachers' suggestions about staying another year).  But he was very glad, almost relieved, it seemed, to hear that he'd do another year of kindergarten.  Which seals the deal for me that this is the right decision.  Nathan will be moving into a 5 day preschool program (up from 3 day last year).  He misses the kindergarten cutoff, which means we are paying for another year of school.  Since the preschool and kindergarten are mixed, we had the option of having him and Michael in the same class.  Michael is looking forward to that, and I'm looking forward to only having to deal with one class for a year.  They will have the same teacher Michael had last year (and Nathan visited that class a number of times as well)...Mr. John is absolutely wonderful and I'm very pleased to have him for another year.

Last: I finally got off my lazy ass and started an exercise program.  I kept telling myself I didn't need to since I haven't *gained* weight in the last couple of years.  But I haven't lost any either, and the love handles and tummy pooch haven't gone away.  I also was thinking that some very overweight people I know didn't get that way overnight, and I'm presuming that my metabolism will not spontaneously speed up (but very well may do the opposite as I get older).  So I joined Curves.  Easy, conveniently located 5 minutes from my house, I can get in a decent workout in 30 minutes.  Maybe I could work harder at a traditional gym, but I wouldn't go and don't always have the time to spend an hour or more puttering around the machines.  So this works for me.  I'm doing Curves 3 days a week and a brisk walk a few times around the lake at Kiwanis park 2 days a week.  Well, that's my "assignment" to myself, but so far I've been walking one weekend day as well.  Jim got me hooked up with audio books, which has become my reward for walking.  Go for a walk, get to listen to a story *and* have quiet time away from the kids.  What's not to like?  Right now I'm reading A Good Yarn, by Debbie Macomber.  It's a story about a lady who opens a yarn store and the various life challenges her, her family, and some of her patrons face and overcome.

Guess that's about it for now, work calls.