Homegrown Texan

Born and raised in Texas, I've found the home of my heart and soul in the Pacific Northwest. I love trees, cool weather, and rain. I'm a back to basics kind of gal just trying to raise my family and find a bit of time to slow down in this hectic life.

Today I bought a juicer. I had previously bought a Cuisinart citrus juicer for making fresh grapefruit (for me) and orange (for the boys) juice. But I found the juicer cumbersome and messy to use. When I took it back, I saw that they had a Jack LaLanne juicer. This one will juice other things besides citrus. I didn't think I was interested in anything besides citrus, but I threw the rest of an apple that DS3 didn't eat in there today, and it was oh, so yummy! I've never had fresh apple juice before, but when I drank it, I was struck by how much bottled apple juice *doesn't* taste like apples in comparison. I know that sounds weird...it's kind of hard to explain.

I'm not sure what I think about this juicer. I like the results. It extracts the pulp to my satisfaction. I know I'm losing lots of nutrients there, but not near as many as I lose by not drinking it in the first place. Plus, I wouldn't mind losing a bit of weight, and I know if I drink a little juice before a meal, I won't eat as much. I don't like that it is rather large, and my countertop is getting rather crowded with appliances that I actually do use regularly enough to warrant keeping them out there (Foodsaver, turbo oven, coffee maker, tea maker, blender). I'd like to get rid of the microwave, but not sure that DH is on board with that. I'll have to talk to him and see.

I'm also not real wild about the cleanup on the juicer. Well, the cleaning itself isn't so bad, and I'm pretty good about cleaning things as soon as I'm done with them. But I'm not so good at drying, and this thing takes up the entire dish drainer. I'll have to see what system I can work out.

I'm starting to crave vegetable juices now. I'll have to see what I can come up with. I'm thinking something kind of V8-ish, with some of my 6 pepper (or 7 or 8 or whatever it is) blend I bought from Sam's for making bloody mary's. Mmmmm, that sounds good.

Well here it is 8:45 and I haven't had dinner yet. And I forgot to work out. Damn. Better go do something about that.


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