Homegrown Texan

Born and raised in Texas, I've found the home of my heart and soul in the Pacific Northwest. I love trees, cool weather, and rain. I'm a back to basics kind of gal just trying to raise my family and find a bit of time to slow down in this hectic life.

I just found out that my little brother is smoking pot again.

This is after getting out of a halfway house just a few weeks ago.  He's currently on probation, and has already violated the terms of his probation once (twice?  I can't keep track anymore) with pot.  If he gets caught again, he will go back for a long time.

It doesn't bother me so much that he smokes it, it's just that he's willing to risk having a life to do it.  He doesn't even think he has a problem.  I don't think all pot smokers are addicts, but I believe my brother is one.  It makes me very, very sad.


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